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Bridge Deals Probability
Blyss: Probability Analyzer function
Blyss features a Probability Analyzer function that generates random deals, and analyzes the deals in real time, searching for specific card distributions to estimate probability of a bid situation. The output of this function has been checked with theoretical probability calculations. Blyss features a graphical user interface with cards that are easily selected and unselected by clicking on them. Full featured trial version, including PBN Deal Generator and Deal Viewer functions available for download.

Bridgecomp: point count statistical analyzer
Bridegcomp is a simulator of random hands for comparing honor card point scales with the 4-3-2-1-0 scale. It generates random hands until the preset number of hands with a preset point count using the 4-3-2-1-0 scale is found. Then it calculates mean and standard deviation of the new point count with the new scale, which can be compared with the "standard" scale values to assess the effectiveness of the new scale.
This is a fast console application using minimum memory as random hands are immediately analyzed when generated. Available for download.

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